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My clients have generated millions of dollars in sales across the Aesthetic, Health, Beauty & Medical industries, and many have been awarded as leaders in their fields due to their rapid growth.

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I’m blown away

Wow! I’m blown away by Alicia’s knowledge in digital marketing & how she well & truly knows her stuff. I’ve dealt with another digital marketers & they don’t even come close. I’ve only just started working with Alicia & in 2 weeks she took my 1st event from 0 to sold out! It was truly incredible & mind-blowing! My second event went from 0 to 100 within a couple of weeks. I am excited for what we will be co-creating together.


I'm booked out

Highly recommend. I booked 1 consult with her to help get my Facebook ads going and after only an hour together she helped build out a campaign for me that results in $2500 of new bookings with a $160 ad spend (with more and more bookings coming in daily).


Such a godsend!

Alicia has been such a godsend to me. She helped me to build a completely new website, is incredible with strategy and very knowledgeable about all things SEO and Facebook Ads. I have been very happy with Alicia, she is always very patient with me especially when it’s all overwhelming. I highly recommend using her services ongoing. Absolute quality for the right price!