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Alicia is amazing to deal with and goes above and beyond what you would expect. It’s not exaggerating to say she has single handed turned our business around. She provides constant advice and feedback as well as monitoring analytics and tweaking ads. I would never consider using anyone else. She’s spoiled me.

Lani Small 

1:1 Coaching Client

We have used Mint Peach Media numerous times as Alicia is the most amazing person to talk to. She has the best ideas, does her research and knows her stuff. We have used her for website optimisation, design, copywriting, fb ads, to bounce ideas off of to grow our business and much more. If you need someone to help you with your business, try Alicia you will not be disappointed!

Pauline Mitchell

1:1 Coaching Client

Alicia is an amazing resource for anyone looking to increase sales. She has a wealth of knowledge & is the absolute best at both applying her experience & expertise as well as finding creative new ways to optimize any business. I highly recommend her & mint peach media above any other option I've been fortunate enough to have discovered.

Corey Booth

1:1 Coaching Client

Alicia is absolutely wonderful. She listened to our needs and catered to them. She also gave us new and innovative ideas, and explained every step of the process in an easy to understand language. The ongoing support is fantastic and communication is easy and fast!

Darren Pennington

1:1 Coaching Client

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